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Score a New iPhone Without Breaking the Bank

By now everyone knows that Apple debuted two new iPhone products, the IPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S.  Analysts project Apple could sell as many as 6.5 million units this opening weekend, assuming the rumors of iPhone 5s shortages aren?t true and Apple and its wireless partners, including Verizon, AT&T T -1.41%, Sprint and T-Mobile, have enough supply. 


Thats big news for thje Cupertino based tech giant after losing market share to Samsung and Android based handsets in recent months


In fact many outlets are sold out of the gold iPhone and are taking orders for shipments that will begin in October. The new iPhone 5S is available in the US for $199.00 with two year commitment with most carriers.


Consumers shopping for a new iPhone still under contract can still find outlets to sell their old phones and essentially get into a new phone with little or no money out of pocket


Apple ?announced? its buyback program a few weeks ago. Read the details of how it works here.  In summary, your phone is evaluated in-store and with store credit that in turn will lower your out of pocket expense. Here are the prices you could expect.


Price for a used iPhone 5 in good condition: $296 - $406

Price for a used iPhone 4S in good condition: $181 - $241

GameStop is another great outlet for dumping off old phones. The store accepts trade-ins of iOS devices and Android devices for cash. Cash or store credit can be used toward the purchase of games or refurbished gadgets.

Prices vary by product and by payment method. You could get $468 in store credit for a 32 GB iPhone 5, or you could get $375 in cash.

Best Buy, Wal-Mart and several other retailers offer similar kinds of trade-in offers for iPhones.

The bottom line


If you feel you must have a new iPhone don't waste your money paying full retail. With so many outlets available for consumers to choose from, you should be able to score one for nest to nothing, comparatively speaking.


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History of the Big 3 Hosting Companies

Web hosting is an Internet service that allows people to make their website accessible over the World Wide Web. There are many different web hosting companies on the market. The three that are the most popular are Godaddy, Hostgator, and Bluehost. 


Godaddy is a web hosting service that was started in 1997 by a guy named Bob Parsons. This web hosting company is the largest one on the market today. They have many different domain name options for anyone who is wanting to upload a website to the World Wide Web. NASCAR racing has really promoted the GoDaddy domain names by having their driver, Danica Patrick, featured all over the commercials on television. There are many different advertisements that catch the eye of the prospective customers, mostly men, because of how pretty of a woman Danica is. 


Hostgator is a web domain service that was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley. This is only one of the competitors of the GoDaddy web hosting service but they are about neck and neck. There are many different prices and storage capacities on all of the different companies but its all about how much the webmaster is wanting to spend. To show how big this company is, statistics show that in 2012, they hosted over 8 million domains on the Internet. There aren't many advertisements on television for this web hosting company, but that doesn't mean that they aren't any good. Hostgator has some of the most unbeatable prices when it comes to hosting. One thing that sets these guys apart from the others is that you will always find a unique Hostgator coupon code each month for 25% off and once in a while even 30% off on your purchase. This is one method the company uses to bring in new customers who are looking for a discount.


Bluehost is another web domain service that was started in 1996 by Matt Heaton. Matt stepped down as the CEO of the company in 2012 and appointed someone else to be in charge of this huge web domain company. This is one of the 20 largest web hosting companies and is hosting approximately 1.9 million domains on the World Wide Web. This company is also very large in size and is the best competition for Hostgator and GoDaddy.

There are many different web hosting companies on the market right now but these are the top three. They host the most domains on the Internet and also keep them up and running. They have customer service support 24/7, so if there are any issues they can be contacted at any time through live web chat or by calling a phone number listed on their websites. Web hosting has been booming for the past few years because everyone is able to build their own websites either by doing HTML or by using Dreamweaver to create it. It is so simple to do and the only thing that has been missing is a web domain. That is what the top three names in the business come to mind and it is up to the customer which one to choose. It really depends on how big the website is, how many images there are, and how fast the customer wants it to load up. Keep in mind that if the customer has a lot of images on a page, then it is going to take longer to load. With all of the images that are going to have to be loaded up, it is very important that there be enough bandwidth purchased with the web domain company to support it.


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A Brief history About 3D Printing

 3D Printing is the process of producing a three dimensional object from a digital model. 3D printing is done by creating and laying down consecutive layers of the material to form different shapes and finally binding them together to form the real object. This principle is called additive process and hence 3D printing is often called as Additive manufacturing. With this technology, one can easily create any object or shape even if it does not exist at all. The only place where the model should present before printing is one's own mind and in a 3D data file format.

The birth of 3D printing was in 1984 when Chuck Hull of 3D systems created the world's first 3D printer. 3D Systems has then developed and used a number of procedures like SLA, SLS, etc. During 1990s, MIT created and trademarked a method called 3-D Printing. Apart from MIT and 3D Systems, other companies including Z Corporation, Stratasys, etc. have also developed new methods of 3D printing. From the early 2000s, 3D printing is now widely used in most of the industries that involve creativity process.

There are a variety of 3D printing technologies put forward by numerous companies. Amongst them, the successful ones during the early stages were the Direct and Binder 3D printing. Direct 3D printing uses the same principle of a 2D inkjet printer. The difference in direct 3D printing from the 2D printing was, in 3D printing the nozzle moves back and forth as well as up and down to create the 3D object. Later in 1994, Solidscape succeeded in applying the Rapid Prototyping technology to Direct 3D printing that has been a great milestone in the growth of 3D printing. Binder 3D printing uses two different materials to print a layer: a dry powder and glue or a binder. It uses two passes per each layer and then combines each layer together to form the object.

Present studies show that the growth of 3D printing is substantially higher that it is the fastest growing category in online jobs. Panasonic, one of the leading manufacturers of electronic appliances, is about to use the 3D printing technology in creating their prototype models because they believe, the effort and errors caused in creating a real model can be minimized with the help of 3D printing. Even the household and workplace products manufacturers have adopted 3D printing technology in testing and analyzing the products before manufacturing the original piece.

3D Printers are now a common device that even domestic printers are available for home uses. Several companies have come forward in the process of manufacturing affordable 3D printers. It is said that, when 3D printing is made affordable, it would be common in almost every houses because of its ability to produce almost any household items like toys, tools, gadgets, etc. Regarding the 3D designs, there are a few websites out there from which users can easily download free designs. There are also plans for making an open source project for 3D printing. The innovative and affordable 3D printing technologies will eventually be a great lifesaver of time, money and effort for most of the home users as well as industries that involves prototype building, creative processes, etc.



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